Lotf Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation

Our operative will perform checks inside the property before and after the installation but the actual work is normally all done from outside the property and,for a typical property, the whole process will take only half a day.

Holes are drilled in the outer walls to a very specific pattern and then the insulation material is blown into the cavity. We only use InstaFibre White Glass Wool. Due regard will be taken as to ventilators in the wall, neighbour's cavities, etc. and the holes will finally be filled with mortar to match as closely as possible, the stonework.

25 Year Guarantee

All InstaFibre cavity wall products are covered by the CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) twenty five year guarantee and once the work is complete, we will submit the guarantee application and the guarantee will normally be sent to you a few days later.

Loft Insulation

Two approaches can be used for loft insulation; InstaFibre Loft Quilt and InstaFibre Blown Loft Wool.

Loft Quilt is simply rolled between and over joists to provide the required insulation levels, or can be used to top up existing, inadequate insulation.

Loft Wool is installed using a machine which processes the material and then blows it though a 65mm tube into the required position. This makes it ideal for those inaccessible areas such as ceiling voids and under boards.

If you want to board out your loft at the same time, or make a better access hatch, this is often something we can undertake or our resident joiner, Tony Wood, will be happy to give you a quote.

Insulation Extraction

Sometimes there is a requirement to remove insulation and we are qualified to privide this services

Reasons as to why this might be required include

Foamseal Surveys

Foamseal is, as the name suggests, a foam which is applied and then solidifies to seal gaps and form itself round the existing structure and offers several advantages over traditional board-based solutions

We are qualified to perform surveys for this type of insulation